2021 Fees

Deposit (refundable with correct notice applied i.e. 1 Term) R 4,000
Registration admin fee (once off per family) R 800
Annual levy (incl. hat, which is compulsory T-shirt, in house shows) R 500
Annual Stationery, workbooks, craft materials (2-5 years) R600
Annual Stationery (Gr R) R 1,000

Monthly fees

  • Music & Movement inspiring creative thinking
  • Mindful Manners & EQ Explore developing emotionally intelligent and mindful young children
  • Basic Zulu and Afrikaans encouraging multilingualism
  • EXTRA MURALS: Swimming at an extra cost

1-5 Years

Full Day Care 5 x week 06:45 – 17:15 R 4,800
Half Day Care 5 x week 06:45 – 14:00 R 4,200

Grade R

Full Day Care 5 x week 06:45 – 17:15 R 4,625
Infants 6 weeks-12 months 06:45 – 17:15 R 4,750
  • Food and drink is supplied by parents as solids are being introduced during this period and are baby specific as per parents preference and babies individual dietary requirements.
  • Late Collection Fee R100.00 (17:15-17:30) R150 there after each 15min
  • Holiday Care per day R 100.00 (over and above your monthly school fees)
  • Siblings receive a 7.5% discount on the second fee

Fees are payable 12 months of the year

  • Payment is still due even though the school is closed from middle December.
  • Our passionate staff work hard to ensure that your children are looked after in the best possible manner, this period of closure is necessary to allow our staff to rejuvenate.
  • The school shall be given one Term written notice on termination of enrollment of a pupil, failing which the full amount of the following terms fees shall immediately become due and payable.
  • Notice will not be accepted after the 30th August each year, which means that fees are payable for the whole of the last term should you be leaving any time during the last term.
  • Fees are payable in advance and in full by the 1st day of the month.
  • The full fee is due and payable whether the child attends care or not (Due to illness or vacation for example)
  • Registration fee, deposit, annual levy and stationery pack if applicable must be paid in full, all forms completed, signed and returned to Precious Poppets Preschool before care can begin.
  • Nappies/wipes/ sunscreen and or any specialised food and drink is for your own account.
  • A box of tissues and pack of wet wipes are required at the beginning of each term