2017 Fees

Deposit (refundable with correct notice applied)  R 3,500.00

Registration (once off per family)  R 750.00 (non refundable admin fee)

Annual levy (includes a branded hat and T-shirt which is compulsory)  R 350.00

2-6 yrs Stationary Pack  R 500.00

Compulsory intra curricular (2-6 yrs) EQ explore (developing emotionally intelligent children), Manners4Minors  (developing mindful young children),  Attune4Change music therapy (inspiring creative thinking)

R300.00 per month, equates to R25.00 per 30 min lesson of each per week


Monthly Fees:

Full Day Care 5 x week 06:45 – 17:15  R 3,850.00 per month

Half Day Care 5 x week 06:45 – 14:00 R 3,400.00 per month

Late Collection Fee R 100.00 after 17:15, R150.00 there after each 15min

Holiday Care  R 65.00 per day (over and above your monthly school fees)

*Siblings receive a 10% discount on the second fee


Infant Centre:

Infants 3 – 12 months R4,050.00 per month

Food and drink is supplied by parents as solids are being introduced during this period and are baby specific as per parents preference and babies individual needs.